Welcome to the Tucson Aeroservice Center!

Tucson Aeroservice Center, Inc. is a full service FBO on the northwest side and convenient to Tucson and area resorts accommodating many loyal clients and their aircraft in this area.  We also serve those just passing through.  You can be quick-turned and on your way with 100LL or Jet-A if that’s what you require, or you can stop for a meal at our ramp-side restaurant, the Sky Rider Coffee Shop.

Flight catering, comfortable crew lounge, flight planning room with WSI Pilot Brief and internet access, and rental cars are all available for flight crews standing by or staying over.

Our spacious Avionics and Maintenance facilities are ready to service your aircraft with routine maintenance or repairs and after-hours or emergency repairs.  Need major work, a new panel or autopilot, an engine swap?  Let our one stop maintenance facility exceed your expectations.


Staying in Tucson?  Let our friendly Customer Service people reserve a rental car and recommend local hotels for you.